A bolt-on kit to turn your Teenage Engineering Pocket Modular 400 into a matrix synth like the revered EMS Synthi. Instead of using cables to patch outputs from one module into inputs of another, you use the supplied pins to connect a row (output) to the corresponding column (input).

The matrix itself is made in Switzerland by Ghielmetti, and the kit simply bolts onto the back of the POM-400 modules with the supplied hardware - there is no soldering required. Once bolted on, it enables you to make 100% of all the patches you could otherwise make using cables, with the added benefit of having virtually no restrictions on the number of available outputs and inputs for each module. Patch cables can still be used in conjunction with the matrix for interfacing the system with external modules and running sound out from the device.

The price of the kit is $750 USD. Yes, it's $150 more than the POM-400 itself but, it's $14,000 cheaper than a Synthi 😜. I made this because I love the aesthetics, clean look and fun of making patches using the pin matrix, not to make a living from this. This is a link my material costs, which are coming in at $668.53, so at the end of the day I should make $81 on each unit to pay for my labor and assembly costs. (whch are coming to about 4hrs/unit at the moment)

I really like these and I hope you do too. I now have 10 available kits that I can sell immediately. Send me a message to reserve a unit for the next order.

To place an order you can email me:

Close Up Assembled

Assembly Video